UD students share a formative experience in studying the great deeds and words of 西方文明融合. The Core is an opportunity to inquire into the fundamental aspects of being and our relationship with God, nature and our fellow human beings.

核心课程 embodies the CQ9游戏官方网站’ dedication to the pursuit of wisdom, truth and virtue as the proper and primary ends of education. 它是共享的 sequence taken by all undergraduates that consists of 19 courses in 英语, history, philosophy, theology, economics, politics, science, mathematics, language and fine 艺术. During their course of study, students read the great works that have shaped Western civilization and discuss these works with their peers  in small classes with 平均规模为19名学生. Our 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows professors and students to engage in thoughtful, meaningful dialogue that develops critical thinking skills and inspires a love of intellectual inquiry that will serve students throughout their academic careers and the rest of their lives.


Learn more about the 核心课程 by exploring the choices below.


文学传统I, II, III & IV

美国文明I & II
西方文明I & II





Laboratory course in the biological sciences

数学 & 美术

Knowledge of Ancient Greek, French, German, Italian, Latin or Spanish at an intermediate 级别要求. Depending on the language background of the student, this requirement may be fulfilled after taking between one and four classes.



While students will engage with far more texts than the ones represented in this list, these examples illustrate the kinds of works included in the Core curriculum.


  • 文学
    • 荷马:《正规买球app十佳排行》《CQ9游戏官方网站》
    • 《CQ9游戏官方网站》
    • 维吉尔:"埃涅阿斯纪"
    • Aeschylus: "Prometheus Bound," "Agamemnon," "Libation Bearers," "Eumenides"
    • William Shakespeare: "Hamlet," "Othello," "King Lear," "Merchant of Venice," "The 暴风雨》
    • 费奥多尔·陀思妥耶夫斯基:《cq9电子游戏竞技平台》
    • 威廉·福克纳:《cq9电子游戏竞技平台》
  • 经济学
    • Adam Smith: "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”(选择)
    • 教皇约翰·保罗二世说:Centesimus恐怖之"
    • Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution
  • 历史
    • 约伯记
    • Thucydides: "历史 of the Peloponnesian War"
    • 李维:《正规买球app十佳排行》 
    • 托马斯·莫尔:《CQ9游戏官方网站》
    • Marx and Engels: "The Communist Manifesto"
    • 教皇利奥十三世:Rerum Novarum"
    • 伊莱·威塞尔:《cq9电子游戏竞技平台》
    • Frederick Douglass: "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave"
    • Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions
    • 本杰明·富兰克林:《cq9电子游戏竞技平台》
    • 乔治F. 凯南:《CQ9游戏官方网站》
    • 马丁·路德·金.来自伯明翰监狱的一封信
  • 哲学
    • 柏拉图:《cq9电子游戏竞技平台》《CQ9游戏官方网站》《CQ9游戏官方网站》
    • Aristotle: "Nichomachean Ethics”(选择), "On the Soul”(选择), "Categories" (selections), "Physics”(选择), "Metaphysics”(选择)
    • St. 托马斯·阿奎那说过Treatise on Happiness" and "On Being and Essence"
    • René Descartes: "Meditations on First 哲学"
    • 伊曼努尔·康德:《cq9电子游戏竞技平台》
    • Martin Heidegger: "The Question Concerning Technology"
  • 政治
    • Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration of Independence
    • Alexis de Tocqueville: "Democracy in America"
    • Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison: "The Federalist Papers"
    • Frederick Nietzsche: "Genealogy of Morals," "The Use and Abuse of 历史 for Life"
  • 神学
    • The Bible: selections from the Old and New Testaments
    • 十二使徒遗训
    • 奥古斯汀:“告白”
    • 托马斯·阿奎那说过大全”(选择)
    • Martin Luther: "Heidelberg Disputation," "The Freedom of a Christian"
    • 特伦特议会(选集)
    • 梵蒂冈一(选定文件)
    • 梵蒂冈二世:腔Gentium"
    • 克莱门特:给哥林多人的信
    • St. 依勒内:“反对异端”



罗马广场Most students spend a semester during their sophomore year at the CQ9游戏官方网站’ 罗马校区,位于罗马南部. The courses in Rome are Core courses, which ensures the academic integrity of the program and keeps students on track for graduation.

As part of their studies, students enjoy frequent outings where they can walk in the footsteps of the greatest thinkers in Western civilization, stroll among the ruins of Ancient Rome and Greece (during the 10-day Greece trip), visit some of the most beautiful and momentous sites of the Roman Catholic Church, perform recitations of the Greek tragedies they’ve been studying in the actual theaters where the dramas were once performed, and see the fields where ancient heroes fought and died in the 塑造历史进程的战役.



阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦“ The value of an education in a liberal 艺术 college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks. ”- 阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦



After undergraduate alumni banded together late last year to unlock a $100,000 grant as part of the Forging Our Future initiative, alumni leaders are setting their sights on the next goal of...